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The weakness in the body's connective tissues that is caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome(EDS) may cause a lack of stability of the neck and skull. This lack of stability is called Cranio-Spinal Instability(CSI). In CSI, the bones in the neck are able to move out of their proper positions, tissues can sag down out of place, and spinal fluid flow may be impaired. The bone and tissue movement is often noticeable only when an individual with CSI is in an upright position and the bones and tissue return to their normal positions when the individual returns to a horizontal position. In severe cases, CSI may be accompanied by cranial settling, which is discussed on the next page.



                                                                            Quick Identification

Symptoms: Cranial settling

Diagnosis:  Craniospinal Instability is NOT visible on a conventional horizontal MRI/X-ray/ ect. It is normally only visible when the patient is upright, and even then may not be visible.


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